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Realistic expectations for Northwestern in 2014

A new season is here and we can finally get back to some Wildcats football and get the realistic expectations for Northwestern in 2014. Last year was extremely tough to watch as we saw the Cats just crumble after a quick start to the season. The Cats started the season with four straight wins then dropped their next seven games before knocking off Illinois to end the season. One more win would have put the ...

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10 Key Big Ten Players Heading Into 2014

With the college football season right around the corner and all Big Ten teams having started camp over the weekend, I decided to introduce you to the top 10 key big ten players heading into 2014. I put this list together not by who is the best athletes in the Big Ten but by who means the most to their teams for the chance at a Big Ten Title. Let's start with number 10 and work are way to the number one key ...

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Eight Big 10 Teams Received Votes in Preseason Amway Coaches’ Poll

The Preseason Amway Coaches' Poll came out the other day and eight of the 14 Big 10 schools received votes. Four schools  in the top 25 and two in the top 10. Back-to-back Big 10 conference champion Ohio State ranks sixth to start the season. Ohio State had a perfect season going last year with National Title hopes until they lost in the Big 10 Championship game to Michigan State. They then went on to lose ...

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Big Ten Breakdown: Week 6

Before I get rolling on this week's games, how scary is this Nebraska program going to be next year in the Big Ten?  What they did to that Kansas State squad on Thursday shouldn't be considered legal.  Okay, enough drooling, onto the games that matter. The Big Ten will kick off their second week of conference play, with just one game between ranked teams, but a couple others with wire potential.  Iowa is th ...

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Jarrod Uthoff Turns Down Illini to Join Bo Ryan’s Badgers

Late Monday evening, "The Decision" was made. This time, it was made by Jarrod Uthoff and he did not have an hour long, pointless show to announce his decision. Instead, he made his decision to join the Badgers much more of a private matter, and he made sure he told the other teams what he was doing as soon as possible so they could move on to new prospects. On Sunday, we found out that he would make his de ...

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Way Too Early: Previewing the 2010-2011 Season for Big Ten Basketball

The Big Ten is expected to do some very big things next year, especially the top six or seven teams in the conference. Up to six teams have been placed in some type of Top 25 for the 2010-2011 college basketball season rankings I have come across. The usual powerhouses such as Michigan State, Purdue, Wisconsin, and Ohio State are expected to be in the Top 25. But teams like Illinois and Minnesota have also ...

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