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How the White Sox stack up against right-handed pitching

I saw an interesting tweet today that noted that with Daniel Norris of the Tigers headed to the disabled list, Tommy Milone of the Twins was left as the lone left-handed starter for the entirety of the non-Sox teams in the American League Central. While most of the teams boast at least one, if not two lefties out of the bullpen, this means the White Sox are going to see a lot of right handed pitching in the ...

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Reds’ Multi-Homer Games vs. Cubs

Last night, Jay Bruce hit three home runs off of Cubs pitching. It felt like the 100th time in the past few seasons that a Reds player had a three homer game against the Cubs, it was for sure the second time it had happened this season. A quick search in the BR Play-Index, looking for Reds players having multi-homer games vs. the Cubs since 2007 (why 2007? Joey Votto hit his first career homer against the C ...

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