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White Sox Takeaways from Opening Week

(Photo: Jerry Lai, USA TODAY Sports) So, it’s been a week since Opening Day and I have a lot on my mind.. like how I want to try the new Comiskey waffle sandwich & bacon on a stick, or wondering when Ken Harrelson is going to throw someone out of the broadcast booth. But here are my main thoughts from the first week. Add your takeaways  in the comment section! -- I get this is a “rebuilding year”… but r ...

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Dunn says Hooray for Hollywood!

"I have a tux. I'm just not sure I could still fit in it or not." – Adam Dunn (via ESPN) -- Well, if the whole baseball thing doesn't work out for Adam Dunn, looks like next stop might be Tinsel Town. Dunn, an investor in the Oscar-nominated film "Dallas Buyers Club," has an invitation to attend the Academy Awards this Sunday in Los Angeles. Before you pull together a very-real image of a tuxedoed Dunn popp ...

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Takeaways from SoxFest 2014

Sox fans took over the Loop this past weekend as SoxFest came to the Palmer House Hilton. Having never gone before, I figured why not give it a shot and see what it's all about. Here are some of my major takeaways from the weekend: You’re not the only person concerned about our lack of catcher. That at least seemed to be the biggest buzz this weekend among SoxFest attendees. Probably the most overheard conv ...

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White Sox manage split with Oakland A’s: Series Recap

(Photo Credit: Associated Press/Paul Beaty)   The White Sox (27-34) salvaged a split with the currently-hot Oakland Athletics (38-27) in a four-game series at The Cell. The A's pulled ahead early handing the Sox two tough losses, but the good guys rallied back to win two this weekend. Having been a sometimes-hard-to-watch series, I think the best way to sum up each game is by the live-game quotes from ...

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25 Years Of Ken “The Hawk” Harrelson

"He Gone" "GAAAAAAAAAAAS" "Stretch, get on back there!" "You can out it on the boaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard YES!" For years Hawk has been the voice of the Chicago White Sox.  Whether it is "Hawkisms" or it is yelling about umps, Hawk never seems to disappont. One thing that Frank Thomas said really got me thinking.  He talked about how Hawk always wanted every Sox player to succeed and really cared about them. ...

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