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Why no one misses Carlos Boozer

While this does not comes as a surprise to many, but Pau Gasol has been an upgrade from Carlos Boozer. Watching Gasol play has not only been enjoyable, but rejuvenating. It shows how truly bad Boozer was and the money he was earning. Here are their numbers through 10 games. Gasol Boozer Minutes 34.8 27.7 PPG 18.6 12.9 RPG 10.6 6.0 BLKPG 2.5 .1 FT% .784 .75 PER 21.61 14.50 That does not include their salarie ...

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Bulls Show 21: The Circus Slump

Mitch & Nillz (@TheBullsShow) discuss an underwhelming week for the Bulls that featured 3 losses in 4 games and the start of the annual "Circus" road trip. You hosts describe their concerns that may extend beyond anything Derrick Rose can resolve. The guys also share their thoughts on other NBA topics such as the Lakers' hiring of Mike D'Antoni, title contenders/pretenders, and what the (bleep) is up wi ...

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Bulls Show 20 – The Team of Glass Continues to Win Ugly

(@TheBullsShow) It's Saturday Night Live with your hosts, Mitch & Nillz! The guys demonstrate their dedication to the show (or social deficiencies) by recording episode 20 after the Bulls victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Mitch & Nillz recap a 2-1 week where there was reason for optimism... and then there was Carlos Boozer. Can "Captain Save-A-Booze" (Mitch) make a convincing argument that th ...

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How History Shows the Benefit of Acquiring Dwight Howard

There is still a general uneasiness among Chicago Bulls fans and the media alike for the Bulls to attempt to acquire Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. Last week, Chicago Sun Times report Rick Telander made the case that the Bulls should not break up their core in an attempt to acquire Howard. But the desperation talk about the Bulls needing to break everything up and deal for disgruntled and possibly avai ...

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Bulls settle Shooting Guard…now let’s aim HIGHER!!!

By all indications, Rip Hamilton is soon to be a Chicago Bull.  Granted, it's not a done deal and if you believe all of the media's "sure things", then Tracy McGrady would be a Bull and Doug Collins would have been our coach and Justin Bieber would actually be talented. That being's gonna happen.  Our old arch nemesis is gonna be our new go-to two.  We've seen this video before, at least twice wit ...

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