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Madden 11 Disses Jay Cutler and Adrian Peterson

Gamers only have to wait one more day before the annual release of the Madden football series. Madden 11 comes out tomorrow and gamers everywhere are ready to pour countless hours into the virtual gridiron. One of the things many gamers like to do are unlock achievements. Usually there are some common ones such as "Return Two TD's on special teams" or "Score X amount of points." EA is starting to throw in s ...

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Chicago Bears Full Ratings in Madden NFL 11 Released

ESPN has released the full ratings for the Chicago Bears in Madden NFL 11. Madden 11 comes out on August 10th. With a little under 3 weeks left to go, many Madden fans are anxious to see the ratings of their favorite teams. ESPN has been releasing 2 teams at a time, first they started with the entire AFC. We've had to wait a little longer but it's still good to see them released none the less. ...

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