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Bears’ Affairs: Areas Bears’ Nation Needs to Watch Out for Tonight

Oakland Raiders vs. Chicago Bears: 8|21|10 Following an abysmal outing in their first pre-season game, the Chicago Bears are looking for a jump start of momentum heading into the final stretch of meaningless match-ups. First off, the main focus of Chicago's improvement is undoubtedly the offensive line. A move that needs to be made is an insertion of Josh Beekman. Beekman, a Boston College product, has sign ...

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Majority Vote: Who Will Be The Most Successful Rookie Safety in 2010?

In today's annual gridiron meets, passing is the most important aspect when it comes to victory. Evolution is taking place quickly, as the hard-nosed approach of smashmouth football has vanished. The AFC Champion Colts, for example, rely heavily on the air while the ground is just another change of pace. With the aforementioned paragraph, it's assumed the safety position is destined to become vital on the t ...

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Bears’ Affairs: What Does Chicago Need to Improve On?

Following an astounding offseason featuring the likes of Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor, Major Wright, and Mike Martz, the Chicago Bears are still considered among the worst in the league. Regardless of what critics believe, Chicago is a very much improved team. What were the weaknesses of the 2009 Bears? -The loss of Brian Urlacher. -Lack of intensity at the beginning of the season. -Pass coverage. -Pass r ...

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Cavs Fire Brown, Bulls Won’t Bite

The Cleveland Cavaliers have taken a big gamble by firing Mike Brown on Monday. Brown had served as head coach for the Cavaliers for 5 seasons with no NBA championships and 1 Finals appearance to show for it. This might be foreshadowing of other [...] ...

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Is LeBron James Windy City Bound?

Regardless about anything the media speculates over, there are many things hard to deny. Mike Brown has not been satisfactory in terms of running a fine-tuned offense. LeBron James does not get the ball in his hands enough when teams go up on Cleveland; instead Brown seems hell-bent on sticking with his regulation rotation of players... going 10-12 deep into his bench, despite when nearly all other post-sea ...

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