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White Sox bullpen could be big weapon in 2016

Will the White Sox bullpen be their secret weapon in 2016? Bullpens have become a bigger and bigger part of a baseball team over the last decade. They have gone from being where you stick the lesser pitchers – outside of the closer – to vital weapons to shorten the game.  Nowhere was this more evident than with the Kansas City Royals of the last two seasons. In 2014 the Royals rode their three-headed monste ...

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Ventura finally has chance to determine bullpen roles

More than in any sport, champions in baseball have their differences from year to year in the way each team is constructed. However, the one thing mostly all of them have in common is that they not only have good bullpens, but ones where everyone knows their roles. The 2012 White Sox not only have yet to find out who has what roles in that bullpen, but they haven’t had a chance to. Two weeks ago, the White ...

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