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NFL Picks Against the Spread Week 6

Just another week in the NFL, where picking games becomes increasingly random and pointless each week. Underdogs have dominated the season, beating both the spread and winning the actual games. This weeks slate of games is interesting at least, though interesting match-ups hasn't led to good games that often this season. Seattle at Chicago (Bears -7)- I have a hard time believing the Bears can win any game ...

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NFL Week 3 Picks Against the Spread

Last night proved yet again, any team can be in any game, with just a few exceptions (I'm looking at you Buffalo). So far, no team has separated itself from the rest. This week though, a noticeable division pecking order should develop, especially in the NFC North and South, and maybe the AFC East. Off to the games, remember, these are the opening lines, because there has already been some movement. San Fra ...

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NFL Week 2 Picks

Last week we saw the typical week 1 rust, and a lot of defense looked better than they will as the season goes on. Hopefully the offense picks up, though I don't think anything can save the NFC West. Arizona at Atlanta (Falcons -7)- The Cardinals looked just about as bad as could be expected against the Rams. Derek Anderson isn't a good quarterback, and you can't be playing that close a game with the Rams w ...

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