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More free agent work needs to be done for the Chicago Bears

As we hit day nine of NFL free agency and inch closer to the 2015 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears have put in work. While some may not think it is enough, they have picked up five players thus far;  four of which will be day one starters and one for camp depth.  Trust me, I get the anxiousness, but there is a method to Ryan Pace's madness. That said, there are still needs to be addressed.  The Bears have about ...

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NFL Free Agency: The Chicago Bears need lots of linebackers

The era of the 3-4 defense is about to begin in Chicago and it has been a long time coming. Finding the moving pieces to make this scheme thrive is going to be a rigorous process.  One of the most important components to the 3-4 is strong play from the linebackers - both outside and inside and  they will need A LOT of them.  The Bears are going through their own roster as we speak to see if they have anyone ...

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OL Breakdown: Bears @ Redskins

During the bye week I thought I would check back in with the Bears OL and see how they are progressing to this point. Much has been made of the recent Pro Football Focus grade handed to Jordan Mills ranking him as the 73rd OT in the NFL. I am interested to see how the group is working as a unit. I looked at drives by both Cutler and McCown. [++], exceptional block that has a positive impact on the play. [+] ...

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Bears Jay Cutler Out at least 4 Weeks

The Bears got news that quarterback Jay Cutler is out for at least four weeks with a groin tear. Cutler suffered the injury on a sack in the 2nd quarter against Washington. That was only the 10th sack of Cutler on the year. The news is better than expected as many feared the Bears would lose their quarterback for the whole season. But now the best case scenario is he misses 4 weeks and returns for the game ...

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Why not the Chicago Bears?

Now that I’ve had a day (or two) to chew on, regurgitate, spew and watch the dog lick up that Bears-Panthers game from Sunday I can't help but wonder how many years Todd Collins and Jimmy Clausen set the NFL back. Collins, with his 6.2 quarterback rating, was a complete disaster, bringing back memories of 2004 Jonathan Quinn, 2006 Rex Grossman, and yes, even 2009 Jay Cutler. I thought he would fare better, ...

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