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The Sadness of Enshrinement

With today’s induction at Canton for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the joy that comes with it, I can’t help but be saddened and reminded of the injustice that has befallen the greatest third basemen of the 60’s (as determined by MLB Network's “Prime 9” and Cubs fans everywhere) by the Baseball HOF in Cooperstown. I speak, of course, of Cubs legend Ron Santo. The die-hard Cubs announcer and All-Star thir ...

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Ron Santo’s 1967 Is The Reason He Isn’t In The Hall of Fame

Hometown bias aside, Ron Santo’s exclusion from the National Baseball Hall of Fame is one of the biggest absurdities in the sport. Playing in what was largely a pitcher’s era, Santo posted above-average numbers for a decade, with Gold-Glove defense to-boot, so why does Ron Santo’s bust not grace the hallowed Hall of Fame? ...

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