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Chicago Cubs sign reliever Rafael Soriano

The Cubs added some potential bullpen depth by agreeing to terms on a minor league contract with Rafael Soriano. It appears per reports that the minor league contract more than likely contains an opt out clause, or some kind of expectation relating to a timely call-up to the big league team. It almost has to; Soriano just has too much potential value. Soriano's numbers took a turn for the worse over the sec ...

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Bulls trade Deng for Bynum and picks

The Deng era is over in Chicago. The Bulls have official traded Loul Deng to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Andrew Bynum and 3 future draft picks. After contract talks never came to a head most saw this move coming from Chicago. Deng was willing to test the FA market, and we all know teams overpaid for talent through free agency. Deng was already as good as gone. Chicago was not willing to let him walk for not ...

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Why Brandon Roy’s Knees Should Scare the Chicago Bulls

Much has been made over the past week about the Chicago Bulls perceived interest in soon-to-be free agent, and likely amnesty clause victim, Brandon Roy. While there is a multitude of reasons to be excited about a potential Roy acquisition, provided the Portland Trailblazers use their amnesty clause on the 27-year-old, there is much to be worried about including some glaring warning signs. Royis considered ...

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Bullpen Pieces Hot Commodity at Trade Deadline

Bullpen Pieces Hot Commodity at Trade Deadline This time of year many phone calls are being made between baseball’s general managers to gauge the market for established veterans who will either help their team in the present, or for promising youngsters to help replenish depleted minor league systems. While the Adam Dunn’s or Roy Oswalt’s of this year’s market are the major pieces that can be had, typically ...

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Rumor: Chris Paul Requesting Trade Out of New Orleans?

There is a rumor from RealGM that Chris Paul, PG of the New Orleans Hornets is requesting a trade out of New Orleans to either the  Orlando Magic , Los Angeles Lakers, or the New York Knicks. This is a rumor but let us know your thoughts in the comments section. According to a source with knowledge of his plan, Chris Paul has requested that the Hornets trade him to the Knicks, Magic or Lakers before the sea ...

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