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Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks and the Cubs (kind of)…the week that was!

Wow...for a relatively quiet week, there's so much to rap about...let's get to it! BEARS Typically, when there is bad news to deliver I like to go with the Sandwich know, good news, bad news, good news.  Soften the blow a bit...but in this case, there's no polishing this turd.  This was an absolutely AWFUL week to be a Bear fan.  I'd like to take a quick second and thank Dallas for the triumvir ...

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Chicago Bears Wide Receiver Outlook

To continue my preview of the Chicago Bears 2011 roster I take a look at the wide receiver situation for the upcoming season. On a 53 man roster the Chicago Bears usually keep 5 or possibly 6 wide receivers for the final cut heading into the regular season. This season is no different from any in the past. The first four receivers are for the most part figured out. The Bears will be returning 3 of top 5 guy ...

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