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Could Richard Hamilton Cause a “Headband-Gate” Repeat?

Although I would personally like to forget the tumultuous 2006-07 Chicago Bulls season, I could not help but think of that faithful year Thursday when the Chicago Bulls formally introduced former Detroit Pistons guard Richard Hamilton. I did not think of that season because of the parallels of the Chicago Bulls coming off a surprise season and signing a free agent from the Pistons, even though it is a frigh ...

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Bulls Beat Up Bucks Behind Kurt Thomas

The Chicago Bulls somewhat avenged the Bears' NFC Championship loss to the Green Bay Packers by socking it to, their fellow Wisconsin team, the Milwaukee Bucks 92-83 on Monday night. Former Bulls' head coach Scott Skiles had his Bucks come out early and execute their half court offense.  Then the Bulls' defense and Kurt Thomas, who was a starter for Milwaukee a season ago, showed up to play. Thomas shot 10- ...

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NBA Notes: Chicago Bulls Deng is a Link to the Past

Sometimes in sports we lose sight of the fact that the measure of success is not only winning championships. There are around 30 teams in every league and one championship for each year. The vast majority of teams and players will never achieve that ultimate goal. In the NBA, in particular, there is a tendency for repeat winners, as well. For every Larry Selke trophy that Kobe Bryant takes home, another 600 ...

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