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Patrick Kane with a St. Louis Blues fan

Patrick Kane's off-season has been great so far. He got a new extension, dominated a Buffalo men's hockey league and now shows a St. Louis Blues fan who he should really root for. Kane recently posed for a photo with a St. Louis Blues fan who was wearing a Blue t-shirt and a Chicago Blackhawks hat? Kane had some fun with the kid by covering up the Blues logo on his shirt. Now it's only just a few months bef ...

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Witnessing the Madhouse Atmosphere: Blackhawks Home Opener vs. Blues

I was fortunate enough to attend the Chicago Blackhawks home opener Tuesday night.  The United Center was the loudest I have ever heard it. 22,000 fans were as hungry for Blackhawks hockey as I was. The night started off with a red carpet entrance from all of the players and coaches. I unfortunately did not make it down to the Madhouse on Madison early enough. But, from what I heard, it was amazing. I was a ...

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Detroit’s Possible Departure from the Central Division Could Help the Chicago Blackhawks

Since the recent move of the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg there have been many news stories and blog posts about the NHL realigning the divisions and even switching teams from the Western Conference to the Eastern Conference and vice versa. The newest report that came out Monday and that reported on Tuesday morning has the Central Division consisting of the Minnestoa, Winnipeg, Chicago, St. ...

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