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Cubs release newest renderings of Wrigley Field

The renderings for a Wrigley Field renovation just keep coming in. Last night the Cubs released the newest rendering of what a Wrigley Field renovation could include. This time however the renderings showed the new triangle property in which the Cubs plan to reconstruct. Anyone who has ever been to Wrigley Field on game day has seen how crowded the concourse at Wrigley Field can be. Heck, the whole neighbor ...

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The State of the Chicago Cubs Franchise: 2012 in Review

The 2012-2013 Major League Baseball offseason is more than halfway over, and another spring is about to arrive without a big name like Hamilton or Greinke appearing on the back of a Cubs jersey. While the casual fan might be upset by this thought, I’m here to tell you that the Theo Rebuilding Plan is in full swing and the front office brain trust has kept the franchise on the right track. Taking a look at h ...

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Zambrano Episode Shows Current State of Franchise Disorder

As the entire world knows, Carlos Zambrano retired from baseball for all of about 24 hours. Being the proverbial multi-million dollar baby that he is, Zambrano pouted off the field in dramatic fashion yet again which has Cubs fans saying 'enough is enough.' The mere fact that Zambrano stormed off the field belies the fact that the Cubs franchise--a well-storied franchise--is being made a mockery from the to ...

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Carlos Zambrano is Right: The Cubs are Embarrassing.

I am not one that usually agrees with Chicago Cub's pitcher, Carlos Zambrano, but he spoke nothing but truth yesterday when he called the Cubs "embarrassing' after being swept by the St. Louis Cardinals. I don't know if any of you have watched the Cubs lately(or any time, really) but if you have, it's hard not to agree with Zambrano's assessment. The Cubs will most likely suspend Zambrano, but I don't see a ...

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Latest From Tom Ricketts

Cubs' owner Tom Ricketts talked with Business Week recently in a wide ranging interview, which covered everything from payroll to sponsorships. The headline is that Ricketts plans on lowering payroll next season, but there were a few other things he touched on that I found equally notable. Might as well start with the payroll though, which Ricketts said will probably go down. While a final decision hasn’t b ...

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Crane Kenney gives me reason to be scared about Cubs future

I understand that many of you aren't waking up this Thursday morning thinking about baseball, but today we need to discuss the Cubs situation. Tuesday the Cubs unveiled the Billy Williams statue at the corner of Sheffield and Addison and with that President (and local boob) Crane Kenney announced that it was just the beginning: "I think you are seeing the beginning," Kenney said. "The statues are popular wi ...

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