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At Least the Cubs are Competing Now

The Cubs lost again today, this time falling 8-7 to the Giants, and dropped three of four in the series. That is the bad news, or the good news, if you are like me and find the failure comical at this point. The good news is, the team made this past series of failure fun to watch. The typical low scoring game, usually driven by terrible offense, didn't make an appearance. Instead, the Cubs are competing, an ...

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Tyler Colvin’s Playing Time Headlines Crosstown Cup

I've been talking about Tyler Colvin for well over a month, that he should be playing everyday... I haven't seen one guy that gets better on the bench. Not one. ~ Steve Stone White Sox Television Analyst and former Cy Young Award Winner The Crosstown Cup was put in place to add some luster to the annual Cubs/White Sox series however, what it has done is show the city's spurn for BP, who sponsors the cup, an ...

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