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Video Game Roundup Vol. 2

New Games -Darksiders II is a game that has gotten quite a bit of publicity. You have more than likely seen the commercial on TV already, but it's also getting some strong reviews. The PS3 version has a 9.7 user score on Metacritic at the time I'm writing this article. Coming from Metacritic users, that's impressive. If you don't know what Darksiders is, think of a darker God of War (yes, that's possible). ...

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Video Game Roundup Vol. 1

Welcome readers to a new addition here at CCS, the Video Game Roundup. Video games are extremely popular across the world, not quite as popular as sports of course, but people keep tabs on them much like they would with sports. Gamers, like sports fans, have their favorite genre (favorite sport), a favorite franchise (favorite sports team), and favorite characters (favorite athletes). So with this new month ...

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Jonathan Toews on EA Sports NHL 11 Cover + Trailer

Details have emerged that captain of the Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks, Johnathan Toews will be on the cover of EA's new version of NHL 11. This hasn't been officially announced however a screenshot was mistakenly put up on EA's website. This page is no longer available however, due to the internet phenomenon known as a screen captures, we have the proof. This will be the second year in a row in wh ...

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Madden 2011 Overall Team Ratings Released

It's summer and you know what that means. Information about the upcoming Madden 2011 is going to start rolling out. A handful of screenshots and some blogs on updates to the game have been posted by EA Sports over the past couple weeks. A big piece of information that has came out was Gamestop releasing a list of overall team ratings for Madden 2011 here. The Bears have seen a +2 increase in overall from Ma ...

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