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Devin Hester’s One Handed Touchdown Catch vs Dallas Cowboys

To all of the Devin Hester naysayers, I hope that you catch a glance of this video. In the 2nd quarter Hester reeled in a 9-yard TD catch from Jay Cutler. Easily the best catch of Devin Hester's career, you'll see it on youtube and being replayed many times in the future. Many people have doubted Hester's ability as a WR, I have been one to doubt him myself. He is making strides to put these "doubts" to res ...

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Derrick Rose Team USA, FIBA Highlights Mix

Team USA are the FIBA World Champions, for the first time since 1994, upon defeating the Turkish team on Sunday. Chicago's own, Derrick Rose, served as the team's starting point guard. D-Rose averaged over 7 points, 3 assists, and a steal- on stellar 53% shooting from the field. The 21-year-old basketball prodigy is featured by the greatly talented mix-maker RtBulls23 on YouTube, and right here - courtesy o ...

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Chicago Bears Preseason Highlights vs Oakland Raiders 2010

Here are highlights from the Chicago Bears-vs-Oakland Raiders pre-season game for week 2 of the NFL pre-season. You can usually expect our highlight videos of each game to be out 2-3 days after the game. It just depends on how soon we can find footage of the game in good quality. Enjoy and be on the look out for highlights from the Cardinals game next week. Feel free to subscribe to us on youtube and leave ...

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