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Pittsburgh nor the elements were a match for defending champs

I began my drive up to Chicago after a 50 hour work week. Roughly a 300 mile drive from my home in Southern Indiana. Tired, cranky and sore, I begrudgingly shoved pairs of thick socks, thermals and sweaters into my duffle bag.  My fiancee turned me around for another hug and looked at my luggage. "Do you think you packed enough layers for the game? It'll be cold." Sorry, Danielle. I could've had a propane h ...

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Chicago Blackhawks: Four Wins Will Get the ‘Hawks Into the Playoffs

Tuesday's night 3-0 loss to the, already playoff bound, Boston Bruins was rather tough to watch, but it needs to be forgotten. The Blackhawks still remain on the edge of the playoff race, sitting in the last playoff spot in the Western Conference at eight. Dallas and Calgary follow close behind with 87 points. Three behind the 'Hawks. With six games left for the 'Hawks, seven for the Stars, and 5 for the Fl ...

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