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What’s Next For the Cubs?

                      Ever since the start of free agency was pushed up just two years ago, the offseason has always felt shorter. In the past, most free agents would sign in late December/early January, but now many big signings and trades come in late November or early December. So it goes that with this rule change, the moves start to die down come t ...

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White Sox Rumor Central

3:24 PM CST - Sox offered Jackson and Flowers, Nationals wanted Jackson and Viciedo.  3 months of Dunn is not greater than 10+ years of Viciedo. 3:21 PM CST - Deal appears officially dead.  Ozzie said, "I'm glad Jackson is here, I think he is excited. He doesn't have any pressure on him." 3:16 - Trades now starting to roll in left and right.  Will Ohman, Ramon Ramirez, Rick Ankiel, Kyle Farnsworth, Octavio ...

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