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Not all change is bad when it comes to Wrigleyville updates

The area around Wrigley Field is getting a makeover beginning next week Wrigleyville has long been a sort of quasi-destination in Chicago, its crown jewel obviously being Wrigley Field. The local restaurants, shops and hangouts gave (and continue to give) the neighborhood character and keep visitors, as well as locals, coming back for more. The scene is changing in Wrigleyville though, as the drawn-out proc ...

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Hebru Brantley creates Kris Bryant mural in Wrigleyville

Get ready to see a lot more of Kris Bryant in Wrigleyville Cubs fans. Artist Hebru Brantley teamed up with Red Bull to create an awesome mural of the Chicago Cubs slugger. The mural was recently painted on the side of HVAC PUB in the neighborhood that is home to Wrigley Field and the Cubs. Check it out: Since arriving in the big leagues, Bryant has been a member of the Red Bull team and was featured in this ...

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Why I’m Not A Fan Of A Jumbotron At Wrigley Field

    Photo Courtesy of   As you probably know already, the Chicago City Landmark Commission has approved the Chicago Cubs plan to install a jumbotron at Wrigley Field. This is just one part of the Cubs' major renovation plans for Wrigley Field. The Chicago City Council still has to give final approval on the plan. Getting that approval will be easier said than done as 44th w ...

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Goose Island Brewpubs (part 1)

The Goose Island brewery has been happily chugging away in Chicago for about 25 years now, and their Wrigleyville location has been slinging suds for almost 15.  With its close proximity to Wrigley Field and its reputation for great beer, Goose Island Wrigleyville is a great place to stop for a few beers. The brewpub is enormous.  Upon walking in, you’ll see the bar (your most likely destination) to the far ...

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