John Danks began the season with an 0-8 start, Jake Peavy was able to pitch ½ the season and Phil Humber was one of the best pitchers in the first half; but the rotation was basically the reason the Sox won at all.

 Mark Buehrle looked great going into his Free Agent year. Buehrle pitched his 11th consecutive season with at least 200 innings and 10 wins and 30 starts and leading the team with 22 Quality Starts. The lefty will surely end up with a different team next year as the Sox will look to cut payroll.

Danks began the season with an 11 game losing streak but ended pitching solid. He had 16 Quality Starts and a 4.33 ERA. The 26 year old holds the most value of the starting pitchers and will surely command the most trade value for the Sox who look to rebuild and cut payroll.

Gavin Floyd led the team in strikeouts with 151 and had 16 Quality Starts. Because of his age and contract status he may also have the most trade suitors.

Jake Peavy had some setbacks but looks to rebound in 2012 … and maybe well have him for a whole season – WOW imagine that. Peavy pitched 7 Quality Starts in his 18 starts. His K/9 was a solid 7.7, leading the team and his ERA was a bit high at 4.92. Peavys season was cut short as management felt it a good idea that he being the resting period early

Next year’s rotation looks to be drastically different with Floyd and/or Danks leaving via trade, Buehrle walking and Chris Sale entering it

Player W/L ERA IP Status 2012
Mark Buehrle 13/9 3.59 205.1 FA
John Danks 8/12 4.33 170.1 ARB
Gavin Floyd 12/13 4.37 193.2 7
Jake Peavy 7/7 4.92 111.2 15
Phil Humber 9/9 3.86 163.0 FA





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