Is this Bulls team as good, or even close to being as good as the 1998 team? Before you yell blasphemy and hurl your cell phone across the room, bare with me here, as we take an in depth look at the possibilities.

First we need to use an accurate science that can provide undeniable evidence of certain team similarities. For this, we will compare the two team’s greatest features.

Criteria 1997-1998 2010-2011
First half records 29-12 28-13
Missing #2 option to start the season
MVP Candidate
Rebounding Leader
Former Chicagoan turned rival
Multiple All Stars
Coach of the Year Candidate
Feather Boas
A 3 Point Leader
The Guy Nobody Understands
Ashton Kutcher look-a-like
Tall International Player
Bench Cheerleader
A guy who makes you rip your own hair out
The NBA going into a major owner and labor hiatus

Start the fire, because wez’ bout to be grillin!

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