I know this is not a Cubs/Chicago related post, but I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on who I appear should win the 2011 season awards.

NL MVP- OF Matt Kemp: Kemp as been the bright spot for the struggling Dodgers and if he wasn’t there, who knows where the Dodgers would be. He had a chance for the triple crown, as we all know rarely happens. If a player is close to that by season ends, the MVP has to go to him. With no questions asked.

AL MVP-OF Curtis Granderson: The winner of the AL MVP is not as easy as the NL MYP, as a few players have a good chance to win. Justin Verlander has a pretty good chance to win, but this is how I see it, the CY is for pitchers and the MVP is for hitters. That’s just how I feel.  At a point in the season, Granderson was in the running for the home run crown. Granderson killed pitching all year and should be represented with the MVP to show his hard work.

NL CY-SP Clayton Kershaw: Another bright spot to the Dodgers was Kershaw. He has pitched lights out in all or most of his starts. He had the best ERA in the NL, right ahead of Cliff Lee. His pitches has looked nasty and should be the run away winner.

AL CY-SP Justin Verlander: Do I really have to explain myself here? Out of all the awards, this is the most obvious. His 24 wins and his 2.41 era should tell all. No team wanted to face him and surely had a good reason. He’s been nasty all year and made teams/hitters look silly at the plate.

NL MOY- Kirk Gibson: This has to be one of the better stories through out the 2012 season and that’s the Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson. Many thought the Giants would take the division, with the Rockies right behind them. This pretty much just sums that the unexpected can happen. Gibson should win as he motivated the D-Backs to succeed and looked what happened. Can you say playoffs?! Kirk Gibson and the ‘Backs can.

AL MOY- Jim Leyland: I don’t think Leyland is a run away winner, with Maddon’s’ Rays comeback. But I think he has the best chance and is my winner. The Tigers were also not favorites to win the division entering the 2011 season. But once again, anything can happen. The Tigers were tie in the division at the later portion of the season (with about 2-2.5months left) and finally ran away with the division. They were, at one point, one of the hottest teams in baseball and that shows why they ran away with the division. It also helps that the other teams in the division were struggling.

NL EOY-Doug Melvin: I have to say Doug Melvin has to win and this is coming from a Cubs fan. He made 2 big acquisition in the off-season by strengthing the Brewers starting pitching. Melvin acquired former CY Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum. Also, a move that does not get much attention is the acquisition of OF Nyjer Morgan. Morgan does have attitude and anger problems, but you can’t say he has not help the Brewers in winning the NL Central. Those 3 pieces helped a lot and should be mentioned when looking back at the Brewers season.

AL EOY-David Dombrowski: When a team is not regarded to win the division and not even too close, they should be mentioned as a candidate. Dombrowski did not have to make any big moves, but the biggest non acqusition move was to have Justin Verlander healthy. Don’t give me wrong, he did make moves to better his club, but none big to be mentioned.

Milestones reached in 2011. Congratulations to…

Jim Thome on his 600th home run
Derek Jeter joins the 3000 hit club
Mariano Rivera saves his 600th save. Now he’s currently the leader in saves

What do y’all think…who do you think should win the awards for the 2011 season?

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