Northside versus Southside, Good vs Evil, Hatfields versus the McCoys, Men vs Boy’s, call it what you want but Chicago’s baseball bragging rights are put on the line every year when the White Sox and Cubs face off. This year however the two teams meet for 4 games during the 2013 summer inter-league play, and that is the time to get out the gloves and go toe to toe for Cubs and White Sox fans.


There have been more than a few memorable moments that have come out of this annual inner-city, interleague battle.   Probably the most memorable to date is the infamous Michael Barrett/A.J. Pierzynski play at the plate and ensuing brawl at U.S. Cellular Field from 2006.  It started out as a helluva great play at the plate, and took off from there.


With spring rapidly approaching it feels good to swing my thoughts towards the coming baseball season and what better way to start things off than a little Cubs- White Sox- bragging rights discussion.   Here is just a little information to help bring this new season in with a “Punch”!


Conventional wisdom holds that the fan split in a metropolitan area of 9.5 million is around 60-40 in favor of the Cubs.

Chicago White Sox (8792-8573 W-L, 1901 – 2012) – 3 World Championships, 6 Pennants, and 9 Playoff Appearances. The White Sox have had 27 players and 10 managers inducted in to the Hall of Fame. There have been 201 batting All-Stars and 68 pitching All-Stars. The White Sox have had 4 MVP’s, 3 Cy Young winners, 5 Rookie of the Year winners, 5 Manager of the Year awards, 13 Golden Glove recipient’s, 10 Silver Slugger awards, 1 World Series MVP, add a William Harridge trophy and a  Commissioners trophy to the pile and you have a formidable pedigree of which any White Sox fan can be proud of.


Chicago Cubs (8631-8491 W-L, 1903 – 2012) – 2 World Championships, 10 Pennants, and 16 Playoff Appearances.The Chicago Cubs have had 42 players and 15 managers inducted in to the Hall of Fame. The Cubs have had 210 batting All-Stars and 51 pitching All-Stars. The Cubs have had 9 MVP winners, 4 Cy Young award winners, 5 Rookie of the Year winners, 3 Managers of the Year, 13 Golden Glove recipient’s, 21 Silver Slugger Awards, 2 Hank Aaron awards and 2 Roberto Clemente awards. A very stout pedigree that Cubs fans embrace.

Watch out your going to catch heat!

This rivalry dates way back and there are many more areas to look in to for supreme bragging rights but with the rivalry stake fading away in comparison to past years I thought it would be good to provide just a little spark in hopes of rekindling the fans and players interest to a higher level.

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