2nd half preview

Second Half Preview

The Sox begin the second half in the midst of a long stretch of Central division opponents, which they are currently 2-5. This stretch will continue will a road series beginning with 3 in Detroit, continuing with 3 at the Royals and concluding with 3 against at the Indians.

Success of the 2011 season was to hinge on Divisional play. Unfortunately  the Sox have struggled this year vs. teams in the AL Central as the Sox have gone a combined 8 and 16 against the Central teams; including 1-5 vs. Detroit, 1-7 vs. the Twins, 2-3 vs. the Royals and 4-1 against the Indians.

The Sox have time remaining to change their fortunes. Of the 69 games remaining 47 of them are against AL Central opponents, including 13 against both the Royals and Indians and 12 against the Tigers and only 9 against the Twins.

September may prove to be the “make it or break it” month as 23 of 26 games are to be played against the AL Central.

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