Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Stop for Cancer Patients, Video has Rodgers under Fire

Rick Reilly blasted Jay Cutler in a column on ESPN last week for his inability to publicize the good deeds he does for children’s hospitals. Well, where does Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Godgers as some Packer fans call him, credit to Woy on the nick name) rank on Reilly’s list o’ jolly quarterbacks?

A video on youtube has surfaced of an enthusiastic Packers fan who suffered through breast cancer who hoped to get Aaron’s autograph. As fate has it…Aaron Rodgers would walk right past her without acknowledging she even existed while a news camera caught the footage.

I have no idea if Rodgers was on a schedule so I don’t want to personally blast him for that. However, Clay Mathews did stop to autograph her jersey, he also had a conversation with her.

I applaud Clay Mathews as a human being for taking the time to do that for that woman. It may be an inconvenience to stop for an elderly woman for a star like Rodgers or Mathews, however that is a moment in her life that she will never forget.

Props to Clay Mathews….as for Aaron Rodgers, when can Bears nation expect to see Rick Reilly’s article on Rodgers?

One thought on “Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Stop for Cancer Patients, Video has Rodgers under Fire

  • January 17, 2011 at 5:42 AM

    “What he is is an RPG-armed, 27-year-old Vanderbilt product who dates a reality TV star named Kristin Cavallari, battles Type 1 diabetes every day, and doesn’t care who understands him and who doesn’t. He’s a giving person who does things behind the scenes and hates it when he gets found out. A few days before Christmas, he and Cavallari brought presents for an entire ward of sick hospital kids. A reporter for the Sun-Times got wind of it and asked him about it. Cutler refused to discuss it.

    He’s a battler who’s done amazingly well considering the swinging saloon-door offensive line he has to play behind. The man has been sacked more times this season (52) than in his three seasons in Denver combined (51). Yet he never complains.”

    That’s directly from Rick Reilly’s article. If you bothered to read it, you’d see that he was using that story as an example to show how misunderstood Cutler is, not to blast him.

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