Every season the question is asked, “Where will the DH find at bats when playing in NL ballparks? White Sox DH Adam Dunn is no exception. The defensively challenged DH has started 10 games this year at 1st for the Sox but, other than a spot start here or there Dunn will be relegated to pinch hitting duty, to which Dunn said,”that’s another reason why I’m anti-interleague. It’s not fun.”

The problem putting Dunn at 1st is sitting hot hitter Paul Konerko, who has been on fire this year carrying a batting average around .320 and replacing him with Dunn, hitting below the Mendoza line much of the year.

But, Dunn has been hitting better of late with 2 homers in his last 6 games, which Ozzie also addressed, “I like the way he’s swinging the bat right now. It’s getting better and better. Hopefully, he’ll continue to have some progress and hopefully we take advantage of that.”

Dunn also touched on the subject of cooling down hot hitters,” The interleague thing is just awful,” It just ruins everything, especially if you look at Boston. People like (David) Ortiz. He’s having a great year, but now he’s going to have to sit a couple of games and screw up the mojo.”

Ozzie wouldn’t rule out Dunn in the outfield during interleague to find at bats, but don’t count on it; Ozzie said, “He misses a ball at first base, and it’s one base or two, he misses in left field, and it’s three bases. We’ll think about it, but our outfielders are pretty good”.

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