Michael Floyd from Notre Dame seems to be the fan favorite for the 19th pick in the draft this season. The only thing Bears fans have to do is cross their fingers and hope he falls to #19. Floyd is the big, physical WR that the Bears have been looking for. Unlike Roy Williams, Floyd is actually good. Floyd possesses the physical play we’re looking for in a big WR.

His first two seasons at Notre Dame he played in a pro-style offense prior to his offense going to the spread. Floyd has an idea of what it takes to play in a pro-style offense so his transition to the NFL should be smooth. Floyd’s big selling points are that he will go get a ball in the air and catch it at it’s highest point. He has long arms and isn’t afraid to go across the middle to snag a ball out of the air. Floyd would be a great fit in the Bears offense. His only weaknesses that jump out at you are his lack of an initial burst off the line, and possible injury problems. If Floyd drops to #19 and the Bears don’t draft him, expect riots at Halas Hall within the hour.

School: Notre Dame
Year: Senior
Height: 6-3
Weight: 224
40 Yard Dash: 4.54



Release: Does not explode off the line of scrimmage and runs with long strides. His size and strength make him tough to press, however, and he is capable of separating with physicality — but not pure speed.

Hands: Has strong hands, but scouts have questions about his consistency as a receiver. Excellent vertical and ability to adjust to high throws, also snatches wide throws near the sideline or over the middle. Tracks the ball well over his shoulder (or head), though he will lose sideline awareness in some cases. Needs to extend his hands in front of him on straight-on throws instead of letting the ball hit his chest. Loses concentration when playing against physical corners or trying to make a play after the catch.

Route running: Needs to tighten up his routes, but has the quick feet and balance to cut or come back to the ball. Should excel in a West Coast or timing-type of offense. Lines up at every receiver position to take advantage of the best matchup. Solid threat on slants, shallow crosses and in the red zone, presents nice target to his quarterback. Takes hits over the middle and hangs on. Takes advantage of his frame to create separation after his cuts, though he tends to round them. Inconsistent coming back to the quarterback if the play extends.

After the catch: More of a bull than a cheetah. Will not outrun NFL defensive backs, but has more than enough speed to turn short passes into long gains when his quarterback leads him. Can make a quick inside move on out route to get additional yardage, but won’t outrun NFL defenders from a standstill. Looks best when plowing over corners one-on-one in space or carrying multiple defenders down the middle. Used on quick screens because of his strength against smaller cornerbacks, shows a bit of a burst once past his man in those situations.

Blocking: Has the size to handle defensive backs, but needs to be more consistent here to give backs a chance to break off big runs. When ready to go on screens and run plays to his side, he is capable of a strong punch and sustaining the block. Often misses his target or fails to sustain by not giving full effort if the play is designed to go away from him.

Intangibles: Arrested three times on alcohol-related charges while at Notre Dame: cited for underage consumption in two incidents in Minnesota (May 2009, January 2010) and for drunken driving in March 2011 on campus. Missed most of 2009 with a broken left collarbone and the final two regular-season contests of 2008 with a left knee injury.

Source: CBS Sports, Chad Reuter

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