Bears fans blame Jay Cutler for loss at Philadelphia

Just a few weeks ago we showed you Chicago Bears fans reaction when Jay Cutler was named the starting quarterback for the game at Cleveland.

When head coach Marc Trestman made the announcement, the Bears Facebook page was flooded with comments on the situation. Some were good, some were bad and some were just mind-boggling.

After the Bears embarrassing loss at Philadelphia on Sunday, the fans are back and some dumber than ever.

The Bears defense has been dreadful all season. In fact, they have been historically bad. They are giving up an average of 161.5 yards on the ground per game. That’s good for third worst in NFL history.

That didn’t change Sunday when the Eagles ran wild on the Bears defense, rushing for 289 yards. Oh, and I think LeSean McCoy just broke another Chris Conte tackle.

It was bad game overall for the defense, offense, special teams and coaching. How can one quarterback give up 54 points to an opposing teams offense? He surely deserves the blame, right? Wait…he didn’t? ¬†Well to A LOT of fans, the blame solely rests on the shoulders of Jay Cutler. Yes, the Chicago Bears quarterback deserves the blame for Sundays loss in Philadelphia.

It’s sad that Jay Cutler has become the biggest scapegoat in Chicago Bears history.

Please keep in mind that these are real-life Chicago Bears fans blaming a quarterback in a 54-11 blowout loss. Oh, and I think LeSean McCoy just broke another Chris Conte tackle.


Sit down Jay, please!

Picture 1

The legend of Josh McCown will never die in Chicago.


Picture 2

Picture 11

Picture 19

Picture 12

Picture 17


This guy has been punching his Bears fan card since 1968! Halas! Ditka! McCowan!


Picture 3

Jay Cutler, not playing up to par by giving up 54 points in a game!

Picture 4

Sick burn x2

Picture 5

I like to believe that Mike Podlesh is somehow, someway better than Adam Podlesh.

Picture 6



That one photoshop class he took at community college came in handy here.


Picture 7

Cutler throws to Marshall too much.

Picture 8


The same D-Line that has generated ZERO pass rush all season. #BlameCutler4LIFE

Picture 9


Trade all of the defense except an aging corner back and Ratliff Oh, and get rid of Cutler.Picture 13‘Tis the season.

Picture 15



Yeah Bears staff!


Picture 14

Any thoughts on next year?Picture 16Picture 18



Picture 20

Picture 21

Picture 34


Root for the QB to get injured. Makes sense.

Picture 22

Ahh, this again?

Picture 24




It’s all Jays fault.

Picture 25

Picture 26

Picture 29

Picture 30

Picture 31


Breaking chemistry and stuffz with da team

Picture 27

Cutler somehow associated with the defense. Hmmm..


Picture 28

And the best for last…..

Picture 32



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5 thoughts on “Bears fans blame Jay Cutler for loss at Philadelphia

  • December 25, 2013 at 1:23 PM

    I’m really disappointed in some of my fellow Bears “fans”. McCown never scored enough points to offset what we gave the Eagles(And had a lower point per game average than Cutler’s pre injury run against tougher defenses but never mind that). If our Defense was performing like a year ago we would have clinched the division weeks ago having won almost every game. How many quarterbacks have come back to win a 21 nothing deficit in the first quarter?…ever? Now how many have been in a 21 nothing situation? You gonna tell me all of those quarterbacks suck? If you don’t understand football than shut up. Party when we win and feel bad when we llose. Leave the losing commentary to those who understand the game and have something productive to say because your hate speech isn’t helping the team.

  • December 25, 2013 at 1:38 PM

    I keep waiting for the defense to show up but to no avail. Is Cutler the best choice, who knows? but what the heck……the defense is absolutely horrible. If by chance the Bears make the playoffs they will never get passed the first round. Stop the embarrassment, new defense please!!

  • December 26, 2013 at 12:10 PM

    Jay cutler sucks. He barley beat Cleveland browns. When your 3 and out the whole game you dont give your defensive time to rest. The writer in this article knows nothing about football. I have played the game you idiot. Try having your defensive on the field all game and see if you win

  • December 28, 2013 at 7:35 PM

    Maybe if the defense could have stopped the Eagles offense in less than 10 plays per drive then they wouldn’t have been on the field all game.
    This was a complete breakdown in all phases of the game, most objective fans could see that. To blame this loss on Cutler tells me that you must have only ever played football at the tiny mite level.

  • December 29, 2013 at 9:06 PM

    McCown was putting up 30+ and we were still loosing. Wake up half ass fans, McCown and Jay will be re signed, rightfully so. The real situation is that Peppers is 18 lim worth of cap next year. Even if we cut him it’s still a 9 mil take. Real fans aren’t wankers, aka drama queens. Sack up.

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