Bears fans react to Cutler starting at Cleveland

The Chicago Bears Facebook page is great. It’s great in a sense that people can go on there and voice their opinions in the comments section, especially since the Bears message board was taken down.

Now these comments aren’t always the best. In fact, most of them are just plain awful. Every fan base has their idiots, that’s a fact. But the meatballs seem to find their way to Chicago somehow.

Recently the Bears have been part of what some like to call a quarterback controversy between Josh McCown and Jay Cutler. Even though head coach Marc Trestman stated several times that Jay Cutler is the Bears starting quarterback when healthy. So when the page posted the announcement of Jay Cutler starting this Sunday in Cleveland, things got good.

Here is some of the reaction from Bears fans. Enjoy!

UPDATE: 12:26 a.m.

I’m sure Ditka is just fuming over this.

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So ‘we’ will lose?

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Josh McCown, the answer Chicago needs..

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I could have swore the worst decision was starting Todd Collins…or Henry Burris, Craig Krenzel, Jonathan Quinn, Kordell Stewart and Chad Hutchinson.

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Posted earlier:


Chicago still loves Kyle Orton. Remember that 2007 season when Orton led the Bears to the Super Bowl? Yeah me neither.

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How is that Brian Urlacher guy doing? Heard he’s an expert on quarterbacks now.

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Stay classy Chicago!

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Hey remember that big win streak the Bears have?

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Jay Cutler: Washed up, no heart and old.

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McCown? Cutler? No McGown.

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And finally…

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2 thoughts on “Bears fans react to Cutler starting at Cleveland

  • December 13, 2013 at 1:00 PM

    They say ignorance is bliss. In this case it just leads to angry fans. The facts are this… The Bears have an aging D that all come into contract this year or next year. They are still spending more on D than Offense but it is becoming more balanced. If the Bears were to keep Josh as the starter over a healthy Jay that would be saying two things both of which could be bad for Phil Emery. 1. Josh is starting QB material (this comes with a bigger pay check) 2. Jay is not our QB and we need to draft one. By starting Jay not only does he keep Josh a back up they get a chance to evaluate Jay one last time before moving forward. Resigning Josh and drafting a QB seems like a great plan but we first make sure we know Jay can’t be that guy for us. These last three weeks can shape the rest of the Trestman era for better or worse. Playoffs aside the Bears have allot of work for this off season.

  • December 14, 2013 at 2:54 AM

    I didn’t know lovie smith was still calling the shots

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