Blog Down II: The one where we lose to Green Bay, again

This is a little late; I’m sorry. I blame that on grown-up stuff, like  running errands, napping intermittently throughout the day and watching a “How I Met Your Mother” marathon on Netflix. I planned to write something late last night, but the work Christmas party I attended got a little out of hand. Good news is, if there were ever a game to watch hungover, it was the one today.

The final score read 21-13, Green Bay, but it could have just as well have been 27-7. If you saw the game, you’re likely pouring your sixth glass of rum since this morning. It’s okay — let it out. The offense was vanilla and ineffective. More so, the offensive line is now officially as much of a shit show as it has ever been. At one point, Jonathan Scott left the game with hamstring injuries to be replaced by Gabe Carimi who was replaced by Chris Spencer and then Scott came back and replaced Carimi who wasn’t hurt at all but just sucked.

Many of you are probably going to blame the refs–whether partially or fully–for the outcome, which also allowed Green Bay to win the NFC North title for the second straight year.


Instead, blame the Bears for being predictably bad on offense. Blame Phil Emery for not finding us more adequate offensive line help during the offseason. Blame Rod Marinelli for leaving the middle open all game even though Aaron Rodgers was throwing the slant more often than Mark Prior has thrown  his shoulder. Blame Mike Tice for calling three straight runs up the middle from within the five-yard line when Green Bay was stacking the line and for not turning to a no-huddle offense in the fourth quarter. Blame the Bears organization for playing this game with the fans every year:

  • leave gaping holes in key offensive positions (2006, it was quarterback and a #1 wideout; 2012, it’s an entire offensive line and tight end)
  • hope to God defense bails offense out
  • overlook strain it puts on a perpetually very good defense, which becomes evident every year, around this time, when defense wears out from being on  field so much

As the Bears struggle to stay in contention for a wild card, find solace, good sirs and gals, by asking yourself: do you really think the Bears team that has shown up in the last six games could even advance past the wildcard game if they were to win in Detroit and Arizona? No, you say? Well, see, then they’re just being sweet by saving us the disappointment of being thrashed by the Redskins. Awww!

Oh, and for the record, only one of the three offensive pass interference calls made on Alshon Jeffery was appropriate. GAHHHCONSPIRACY!

Let me know what you think in the comments, below. What’s wrong with Da Bears? Can they rebound? Where did Lovie’s hair go?

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