Jerry Buss is on the phone.  You are the new General Manager of the Chicago Bulls.  You are new in town.  You have absolutely no Chicago ties or man love (no homo) for any of the current Bulls players.  He says, “Kobe for Rose.”  You pause and think to yourself, what the hell do I do?

So who would you do it?  Who would you trade Derrick Rose for, if anyone?

Please keep in mind this is all fun and games, and I hope all of you don’t start a riot for me even suggesting such a deal.  Rose is my favorite player in the league, and I’ll tell you right now, there’s no way I’m trading him for Kobe.

Kobe is 32 years old going on 33.  Rose is an entire decade younger.  Kobe has been in the league since 1996.  People will say that you are still in your prime at 32.  However, when you’ve been in the league since you graduated from high school (Garnett, Kobe, McGrady), you have to look it at from a standpoint of how many minutes has he played as opposed to how old he is.  Kobe is already starting to slow down a bit, and Rose is just getting started.

Let’s take this a step further.  Would you trade Rose for Durant?  Howard?  Wade?  LeBron?
Naming anyone else in that comparison is utterly stupid so don’t even think about suggesting it.

Out of all of those players, there is only one of them I would trade Derrick Rose for.  Durant is a great scorer, but his defense is suspect at best.  Dwight Howard is an absolute monster.  However, when there is 5 seconds left in Game 7 of the Finals, and you call a play to win the game, are you really going to go to Howard to hit the game winning shot.  Is he seriously going to take someone off the dribble and hit a tough shot at the buzzer?  Howard is improving offensively, but he is no prime Shaq.  Shaq dominated on both ends and could score at will.  His only downside for a decade was starring in that Kazaam movie!

Wade is 29 pushing 30.  He is also injury prone and takes a beating going to the basket.  To make it even better, I think Rose is already at his level while being almost 8 years younger.  So to make that deal would be idiotic in itself.

This last point may bring some heat (no pun intended).  I would trade LeBron James for Derrick Rose.  Yes, LeBron is a douche.  Yes, he makes some dumb ass comments.  Yes, he quit on the Cavaliers.  But the guy is the total package, and he just turned 26 years old. If you can’t see this, you are simply too big of a homer.  LeBron may have the most natural talent EVER.  He doesn’t have the work ethic or determination of Michael Jordan does, and now he certainly doesn’t have the charisma anymore.  But he is a 6’8 250 lb. guard than runs like a point guard and has the strength of a center.  He took a Cavaliers team to the playoffs with multiple 60+ wins seasons.  He’s now gone, and they have lost 25 games in a row and counting.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Is LeBron clutch?  Maybe.  He’s hit some big shots, but he has yet to win a title.  Rose has taken over in the 4th quarter time in and time out.  But, he does not yet have enough experience/opportunities to be deemed “clutch” just yet.  Maybe bookmark this page, and in ten years from now, ask yourself, would that have been a good trade?

Admittedly, I would probably cry myself for sleep for weeks after trading Rose, but I see too many Bulls fan that just don’t see the big picture.

On that note, let’s wrap this up with the video of the day which will give you a good laugh.  Sorry to Kwame Brown if he’s reading this

Video of the Day:

3 thoughts on “Blog: Would you trade Derrick Rose?”

  1. my comment is that you are fucking high the bulls will never trade derrick rose because if they did i would kill the bulls if they did p.s. if you ever post that rose trade you got another thing coming holla, holla dumbass.

  2. You really think? DUH .

    It’s hypothetical. The article is targeting the players who you would appreciate MORE than Rose.

    The point is to show how valuable Rose is kid.

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