Per ESPN Chicago’s Nick Friedell:

“A championship,” he told on Wednesday night after a
Nike House of Hoops event. “I think a realistic goal for us is a
championship. I think anything shorter than that we’re setting ourselves
up to be shorter than what we can reach. I think [we have] potential to
be a championship-level team.”

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By: Doug Thonus

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2 thoughts on “Boozer calls winning championship a realistic goal, is he right?”

  1. Raymond Robert Koenig

    I like the way Boozer thinks. Goals must be realistic. And attainable. Can the Bulls win it all? Yes. Will they be favored? No. But Boozer’s goal is attainable.

  2. It’s a stretch but anything is possible. I remember before they one the first one, just getting closer every year until it seemed inevitable.

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