Brandon Lloyd Drops F-Bomb to Former Teams, Chicago Bears Too Busy to Respond

Hey remember that guy Brandon Lloyd?  Apparently he has a message for the Bears, Redskins, and 49ers who all cut him from their teams. When asked if he wanted to send a message of “Told You So” to the teams that cut him, Lloyd Responded…

”No, I want to say, ‘(Bleep) you.’ And I mean that in the most professional way.”

Lloyd had 26 catches, 364 yards, and 2 TD’s for the Bears in 2008 in a injury plagued season.

It seems like he still harbors some ill feelings to the Bears organization. How did the Chicago Bears organization respond to Brandon Lloyd? Well….they didn’t.

They are busy preparing for the NFL playoffs in which they have a 1st round bye. Lloyd’s Broncos will be watching from home as they currently are 4-11. The only message Bears Nation has for Brandon is enjoy your early vacation! :)

Brandon Lloyd was the only Broncos player to make the AFC pro bowl squad and to help mark the occasion, the team arranged for the local media to join him on a conference call.

Lloyd was extremely thoughtful, humble and appreciative until near the end of the conference call when he admitted to taking some personal satisfaction in showing his previous teams in San Francisco, Washington and Chicago that they were mistaken about the type of receiver he could become.

Asked if he wanted to tell those three teams: ”told you so,” Lloyd said half-good naturedly, half-seriously: “”No, I want to say, ‘(Bleep) you.’ And I mean that in the most professional way.”

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