Breaking News: Cubs trade Sean Marshall to the Reds

Breaking News: This just in, the Cubs have traded lefty-specialist SeanMarshall to the Cincinnati Reds for starting pitcher Travis Wood and 2 minor leaguers. Yesterday reports came out that the Reds and Cubs were talking about a trade regarding Wood and Marshall. The holdup was said to be who else will go to the Cubs. The Cubs have chose the 2 players, but the names have not been mentioned. The deal is still pending physicals from all 4 players, though.

Theo Epstein said Sean Marshall was the best lefty relief pitcher in the league. So… it would seem Epstein was trying to raise his stock and it looks like it worked. Marshall was a beast in the pen for the Cubs and where he had his most success. Marshall was once a starter, but the pen is where he makes his money. In 2011, Marshall had a 2.26 era and a 6-6 record. Also, Marshall gave up 19 earned runs, 66 hits, 17 walks and stuck out 79 batters in 75.2 innings. Marshall signed an extension on January 18st, 2011 and that wipe out his final years of arbitration. Marshall will make 3.1 million in his final year of his contract (2012).

The Cubs actually recieved an up in coming lefty who has had success and struggles in the majors… Travis Wood. Wood is 24 years old and on the cheap side. Not saying Marshall was expensive. Wood has still not hit arbitration and made 4.225K in 2011. His first year of arbitration will be 2014. Like I said, Wood struggled in the majors and that was 2011. In 2011, Wood had a 4.84era with a 6-6 record, 40 walks and struck out 76 batters in 106 innings. The Cubs are hoping for a rebound season. As of right now, Wood will join a rotation of Matt Garza, Ryan Dempster and Carlos Zambrano. If none are traded.

It looks like the Cubs and Reds are going in opposite directions… The Reds want to win it all – don’t forget they acquired ace Mat Latos last week and the Cubs seem to start the re-building phase. Could Sean Marshall be the first to go in a Cub fire sale? It sure looks like it could be… I guess we’ll find out soon.

Before I go, I’m going to say that I will miss Sean Marshall and hope for the best on the rival Reds. Good luck Marshall and don’t play too good against the Cubs!

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