The Bulls fell to the Bobcats 96-91 after an early deficit. It’s good to see the team consistently face adversity and come back, however at some point this Bulls team needs to stop digging these large holes. Against top-tier competition, it isn’t going to be as easy to bounce back after a slow start.

CHARLOTTE — If Tom Thibodeau had more hair left on the top of his head, he probably would have pulled it out during the first half of the Chicago Bulls’ 96-91 loss to the Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday night.

Yet again his team came with little energy, giving up 55 points. Yet again his team tried to scratch and claw its way back down the stretch, but it was too late. For the third time in a week, the Bulls played down to their competition and couldn’t find the right mojo when they needed it most. Even after grabbing the lead back late, Thibodeau’s bunch shot itself in the foot late with poor rotations and costly turnovers.

Carlos Boozer had 23 points in Wednesday’s loss.

“We brought on our own problems,” the frustrated coach said after the game.He speaks the truth.

Even after the poor start, the Bulls had plenty of opportunities to nail down a win, but they simply couldn’t do it. The fact that his team continues to dig itself such big holes to climb out of night after night is driving the first-year coach crazy.

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