Camp Cora

Recent spring training dugout news conferences have heard Ozzie Guillen proclaiming that the Sox were going to be more fundamentally sound come the regular season.  The realization that the Sox work on fundamentals very little would not come as a surprise to the regular viewer of the Sox. the defensive plights of the Sox are magnified by their AL Central neighbors to the north, The Minnesota Twins.

 The Twins have become the poster child for small-market winning with their sound fundamentals, especially their ability to capitalize on the mistakes of other teams. When wondering how the Twins seem to constantly develop fundamentally sound players look to further than the Manger of the team. Ron Gardenhire is able to take no name, faceless players and create division winners time and time again. Most people close to the Twins talks about a culture of fundamentals going from the bottom to the top. Gardenhire defiantly does his part, as he is often seen during batting practice running for grounders and giving direction.  

Over the past two seasons the Sox answer to their defensive woos has been “Camp Cora”, a defensive school of sorts, hosted by bench coach, Joey Cora. This year Camp Cora kicked off this weekend at Florida International University in Miami and comprised some of the most promising Sox players, Gordon Beckham, Brent Morel and Dayan Viciedo. Also included were established players; Alex Rios, Ramon Castro and Alexei Ramirez. Joey Cora said “we strive to be one of the best middle infields in the league and we the potential to do that”. Morels attendance could signal the Sox desire to give him the most opportunity to win out at 3rd base as he works out with 2 potential infield mates. Cora has the players getting in shape and working on fundamentals. Gordon Beckham sees the workouts as “an ice breaker” and gets them moving around.

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