Carlos Quentin Traded to San Diego

Carlos Quentin has been an important part of the White Sox since his first year with the team in 2008. He was close to being considered for the MVP that first year with the Sox, but he injured himself by hitting himself on the wrist with his own bat. Since that first season, he hasn’t had nearly as good of a year. From 2008 to 2009 there was a big drop in average, but he has improved every year since 2009. He was elected to the All-Star game last year, but didn’t have a very impressive season. He was one of the White Sox best players, but still wasn’t a top player. The White Sox knew all year long that they might have to deal Quentin, but finally gave in today. He was dealt to San Diego for two pitching prospects. Looking at the prospects, they aren’t too impressive, but they are what the White Sox have been looking for.

I’m both a fan of this trade and not a fan of this trade. Quentin needed to go and the White Sox needed to get prospects for him, that’s why I like this trade. I don’t like this trade because I don’t think it was a fair enough trade. The White Sox didn’t get nearly as much as they should have for Quentin. I could be proved wrong by having these prospects be fantastic in the future, but they don’t look very good to me. It was a trade that needed to happen, but might not have been the smartest move that Kenny Williams has made.

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