Today, the Cubs made a few moves that had to be made before the Cubs head forward.

The Cubs activated pitcher Carlos Zambrano from the disqualified list and was placed back on the 40-man roster. Zambrano was placed on the disqualified list after his meltdown; where he left the game early and after he was ejected from his start. This does not mean Zambrano will be a Cub in 2012 and that scenario still remains very unlikely. But we’ll see how the Zambrano situation goes in the off-season.

The Cubs also make 2 other moves to go along with activating Zambrano, pitchers Brian Schlitter and Justin Berg were Designated for Assignment. Schlitter has been unhealthy lately and only pitched 7 games all of last year, all in majors and did not play in the minors. When Schlitter has been in the majors, he has not shine and was put in when the game was far behind or the Cubs have a good lead. Justin Berg ended his 2011 season early because he had Tommy John Surgery on his arm. It really doesn’t matter because he has not pitched great in the majors and should just be a fill in for Triple A.

If no team claims either Schlitter or Berg in the 10 day period, the Cubs should just cut ties with both pitchers.

With all 3 moves, the Cubs 40-man roster currently stands at 38. That’s with Schlitter and Berg not on it. The 40-man roster is subject to change and will/could soon. Only time will tell…

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