Chicago got a much needed win vs. division opponent Minnesota in Week 12, and oh, what a difference #6 makes when he’s on the field. Late in the 2nd quarter of the Bears victory, QB Jay Cutler found TE Matt Spaeth on the side of the endzone for 25-3 lead. Spaeth appeared to be the 3rd read for Cutler, who completed a pass very few QBs would even attempt. On to the stills!

In this first shot, you see the Bears in a bunch formation on the Vikings 13-yardline. Spaeth (circled) is lined up to the left of fellow TE Kellen Davis, while WRs Brandon Marshall and Eric Weems are lined up to the right, with RB Matt Forte in the backfield.

After Davis successfully rode Vikings DE Jared Allen out of the picture, Cutler (who rolled out by design) is looking in the direction of Marshall. He also has Weems running in the flat along the line-of-scrimmage.

As the play progresses, Weems has turned to block (assuming a Cutler scramble), Marshall is tightly covered in the middle of the endzone, and Spaeth works to give Cutler a target to throw to. The clock in Cutler’s head is no doubt ticking, as Allen is back in the play and likely thinking about a strip-sack with a blindside hit. Cutler releases the ball just in time.

The placement on this throw is what makes Cutler special. He released a rocket just before getting slammed to the turf by Allen, and Spaeth makes an incredible catch for the score. The ball is thrown to where only Spaeth can catch it, as you can see it only clears the defenders outstretched hand by a fraction of an inch. Not only did Spaeth make a great grab, showing hands we didn’t know he had, but he knew where he was on the field and tapped both feet down in bounds.

Bears fans, we suffered a lot of injuries in yesterday’s victory, but with Jay Cutler at QB, this team has the talent to contend for a Lombardi trophy. Keep your heads up, root hard, and be spectacular.


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