Chicago Bears Pre-Game: Week Seven, vs. Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins (3-3) at Chicago Bears (4-2)

The Chicago Bears will be opposing an entire coaching staff that could’ve been their own, and very well may best Lovie Smith.

Against former candidates for the Bears’ coaching and coordinating positions, Chicago is zero for two.

Perry Fewell’s defensive assault versus Jay Cutler’s half of play was undoubtedly domination for his Giants, as Fewell’s blitzing racked up 10 sacks.

Seasoned friendship in Seattle Seahawks’ offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates and Cutler was forgotten as Seattle narrowly escaped defeat last week, and the Mike Shanahan-led Redskins will face Cutler’s former head coach.

Best for Success

-Mike Shanahan is notorious for his run-heavy style of the West Coast offense. The offensive guru has multiple late-round running backs on his list of 1,000-yard rushers, with Ryan Torain possibly being added to his resume.

Chicago will be pitted against the same challenges as that of New York, which included toughness on the corners and pursuit to the ball on every play. Torain and Portis continuously took advantage of bad tackling on the edges against the Indianapolis Colts.

-Communication is the major key for offensive success throughout the course of the season, as multiple timeouts are burned in order to preserve a blown play. Obviously, that small feat could alter the fate of a game – as apparent following last week.

While Mike Martz has been under fire for lack of balance in his complex scheme, a pass-happy game is hopefully imminent for Cutler and his receivers. Other than LaRon Landry, Washington lacks pass coverage and is constantly mediocre at best.


Chicago Bears: 32
Washington Redskins: 21

With Lance Briggs returning and the turnover-causing defense that lies within Lovie’s Cover-Two, Washington will be prone to turn the ball over. However, their confidence is one not to be underrated. But if all goes well, the Chicago Bears will have a happy, restful bye week to hopefully correct their problems.

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