Chicago Bears, Pro Football Hall Of Fame Interview With Reporter David Schuster

Today, for the third time this year, I was able to speak with reporter David Schuster from Chicago Sports Radio WSCR 670 The Score. If you’re not familiar with David, where the heck have you been? He’s been covering Chicago sports for the last 30 years.

David attended the Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony in Canton, OH last Saturday and I asked him a few questions about his experience and the newly inducted Chicago Bear, Richard Dent…


Rick Mollway: How was your experience at Canton this past weekend? Is this the first time you’ve ever attended a Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony?


David Schuster: This was the first time I was in Canton and was very glad to have soaked up the experience. The building itself wasn’t as big as I imagined but they are breaking ground for a massive expansion that will be finished in 2 years. And if you’re any kind of Bears or NFL fan you have to see up close all the great artifacts that are inside that will conjure up great memories.

Richard Dent played for the Chicago Bears from 1983-1993 and 1995.

RM: It was a long time coming for Richard Dent to be inducted to the Hall of Fame. We all know, obviously, that you have to be a great player to be elected to the Hall of Fame but some of the younger Chicago Bears fans may not remember when Richard played. What are some of your memories of Richard’s playing days?


DS: Dent was a great player on a great team. The fact that he played with so many other fantastic and colorful players probably hindered him getting in any earlier but no question he belongs. He was a premier pass rusher who was also vicious against the run and if you needed a big play Dent was always there to deliver.
RM: What did you think of Richard’s Hall of Fame speech?


DS: His speech was a little bit on the rambling side but he had a lot of people to thank. In fact I think he thanked half of North America. But he spoke from the heart and that’s all that counts.

Richard Dent poses with a bust of himself during the induction ceremony at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

RM: Richard thanked many people during his speech but didn’t mention his former head coach and defensive coordinator Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan; do you think that was a snub to Ditka and Ryan or just an accidental oversight?


DS: Not sure why he didn’t mention Ditka or Ryan. Hopefully it was just an oversight.

RM: In your opinion, who’s the next Bear (or Bears) to enter the Hall of Fame?


DS: I tend to doubt any other Bear players will get in but Jay Hilgenberg and Jimbo Covert are certainly deserving. They were both great at their positions but I think there is sort of a bias vs. that ’85 Championship team and no other players from it will get in…even though they should.


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