Chicago Bears vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 7 Quick Hits

Stop me if you’ve heard this before….”It was another disastrous week for the Chicago Bears.” The Bears lose once again in horrific fashion, 38-3 against the Tampa Bay Bucs. That Cleveland game isn’t even considered an anomaly anymore. It’s the norm for Matt Nagy’s Bears.

Another game of inept offense, no accountability, horrible game plan, and more turnovers. Not really sure how much worse things can get. I honestly have no idea how they managed to beat the Bengals and Raiders. Hell, they were pretty lucky against the Lions.

This will be a short one…

Good Bears

Khalil Herbert had another good game. Not only did Herbert look pretty good again, he looked good against the NFL’s best run defense. The Bucs came into the game allowing just 54.8 rushing yards per game. The fact that Herbert put up 100 yards on 18 carries, with an pretty bad offensive line, and going up against that run D, says something about this guy’s talent. He was also able to catch some passes out of the backfield. Damien Williams returned this week after a bout with COVID and saw little action, so it looks like Herbert has cemented himself as the #2 RB on this team.

Cairo Santos extended his FG streak. 35 straight for Santos. Surprisingly the most consistent guy on the roster. A long way from the kicking carousel of years past.

Bad Bears

Everything except Khalil Herbert and Cairo Santos.

I can’t even call out specific things without just listing every aspect of the team. There’s no two or three things that were especially bad. The Bears are just a messy pile of dog shit. If you didn’t watch the game, here’s a breakdown:

There’s no effort, there’s no discipline/accountability, players are still punching other players, passes are being dropped, the offensive line is getting killed, there’s no progress game to game, players aren’t learning, the defense is getting beat through the air, Fields is turning the ball over multiple times a game (5 on Sunday), Nagy’s press conferences are infuriating, and the coaches have no idea what is going on.

The players are checking out (see Allen Robinson), the fans are furious (see Twitter), and the Ferrari that is Justin Fields is about to crash into a wall and burst into flames. It’s not going to happen, but Nagy and Pace need to go now. Not after the season. There is no benefit to them staying with the team. We’ve seen what they’re capable of.

There were “Fire Nagy” chants loud enough to hear at an AWAY GAME.

The Bears are back home against the 49ers in Week 8. The brutal schedule for the Bears continues, and out of the next 6 games, this might be one of the best chances to stumble into a win somehow. Maybe they get a pick-6? Pair that with like 3 FG’s and win 16-13 or something? I said it last week after the Packers game, they could very well go 0-7 against the Bucs, 49ers, Steelers, Ravens, Lions, Cardinals, and Packers in this stretch.

Strap in Bears fans, it’s going to be an embarrassing end to the season if changes aren’t made.


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