Chicago Cubs Make a Bang on the Final Day of Signing Draft Picks

Today is the final day of signing your teams 013 draft picks. The Chicago Cubs have concluded signing draft picks by signing 2 players overslot.

The Cubs signed 12th-round pick RHP Trevor Clifton, acording to Clifton himself. Clifton recieved a bonus of 375,000. Clifton tweeted “I’m officially a Cub.” Baseball America said Clifton needs to work on his mechanics, but can already generate 97mph on the gun and has a good changeup and curveball. He was drafted out of high school. This is called a great signing by the Cubs. He was close to going to college, but the Cubs offered overlot money and chose to turn pro.

After the Cubs signed Clifton, they reportedly signed 19th-round pick C Will Remillard for 150,000. Remillard has a quick swing, can generate power and will only get better. Yes, Remillard was a 19th round pick, but open up eyes before the draft and has potential.

After the signings of Clifton and Remillard, the Cubs are done with signing anymore draft picks. The Cubs only had 15,000 left to spend on signing players or they will have to give up a draft pick if they went over. The Cubs signed 24 of their 40 draft picks … first 13, 19 of 20, 22 of 25 and one later draft pick.

Here’s a recap of whom the Cubs have signed:

1st-round pick 3B/OF Kris Bryant
2nd-round pick LHP Rob Zastryzny
3rd-round pick OF Jacob Hannemann
4th-round pick RHP Tyler Skulina
5th-round pick RHP Trey Masek
6th-round pick RHP Scott Frazier
7th-round pick RHP David Garner
8th-round pick LHP Sam Wilson
9th-round pick OF Charcer Burks
10th-round pick RHP Zack Godley
11th-round pick C Jordan Hankins
12th-round pick RHP Trevor Clifton
13th-round pick RHP Trevor Graham
15th-round pick RHP Michael Wagner
16th-round pick C Cael Brockmeyer
17th-round pick 1B Kelvin Freeman
18th-round pick SS Giuseppe Papaccio
19th-round pick C Will Remillard
20th-round pick 2B Zak Blair
22nd-round pick OF Kevin Brown
23rd-round pick LHP Tyler Ihrig
24th-round pick C Tyler Alamo
30th-round pick RHP Zak Hermans

All in all, the Cubs had a good draft and signed the players they wanted too. You can only be happy about how the front office goes by their day and knows what will make the team better in the future.

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