Chicago Cubs Managerial Update

As of this morning, the Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees have not heard any decision from Joe Girardi. A decision may be near and we could hear news any time now. The Yankees would like a decision by Girardi sooner than later.

The Cubs are waiting on Girardi, but have started working on their backup plans. The Cubs interviewed Manny Acta for their managerial opening and according to sources, the interview went very well. The ex-Washington National is 372-518. The stats don’t show a good track record, but one executive told David Kaplan; “I really like Manny Acta. Cannot figure out why his teams have failed so miserably. He is well liked in game.”

Kaplan also states the Cubs have met with current San Diego Padres assistant general manager A.J. Hinch. Hinch managed the Arizona Diamondbacks for 2 seasons and compiled a record of 89-123. The same executive told Kaplan; “the Cubs would be crazy to hire A.J. Hinch. Executives in the game said he was awful. No way you hire him [Hinch].”

Another name to keep an eye on is Padres bench coach Rick Renteria. The only downfall by Renteria is he has no experience managing in the majors. But the Cubs do like him and may set up an interview for him.

Texas Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux is interested in the Cubs job. He was the leader 2 years ago when the Cubs fired Mike Quade, but withdrew his name on the final stage and the Cubs hired Dale Sveum. Maddux said he’s more interested in the Cubs managerial this time around. However, the interest may not be mutual. The Cubs don’t seem too interested in Maddux this time around.

Another guy the Cubs have liked in the past is Cleveland Indians bench coach Sandy Alomor Jr. But David Kaplan has heard Alomor is not a strong candidate at this time. “From what I’ve heard, Alomar is not getting that job,” the source said. “He is a good baseball man but he is not in the top group that the Cubs are looking at.”

If Girardi does indeed stay in New York, the Cubs have a list of potential candidates. A scout told Kaplan; “The Cubs have a fairly long list of potential candidates and they have to handle it that way if the Girardi thing doesn’t happen.”

We should know fairly soon which way the Cubs will go for their next manager … if it’s Girardi or another guy.

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