Chris Harris Leaves Playoff Game Early With Injury to Hip

Chris Harris left the game vs Seattle with an injury to his hip. At this point the severity of his injury isn’t known but he was seen wearing street clothes in the 2nd half.

With no real big news coming out at this point, I would believe it is a minor injury. In his place we saw Major Wright, the rookie, and D.J. Moore.

Matt Hassellbeck threw 3 touchdowns in the 4th quarter, a quarter in which Chris Harris was watching from the sidelines. You can’t help but think, would those touchdowns still occur with Harris in the game?

As it stands right now all of the major news outlets have no information on the injury. ESPN, Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, etc. are all in the dark as of right now. Let’s hope he will be able to play next week vs Green Bay in the NFC championship game.

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