The Chicago Bulls will host the Cavaliers at home tonight in the United Center tonight at 6:00 PM on TNT.  The Bulls fell short in Games 1 and 2, but now look to gain some momentum in hopes of turning around this series.  Chicago managed to push the defending 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics to the brink of elimination last year.  Despite that the team has lost Ben Gordon, John Salmons, and Tyrus Thomas since one year ago, the team has Luol Deng back and a 2 young break-out stars in Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah.  In Games 3 and 4, Chicago will look to showcase their talent and heart to the world, once again as underdogs, and perhaps even this series 2-2.  The Bulls only had 4 turnovers as a team, on the road in Game 2, and were threatening the highly favored Cavs before Jamario Moon and LeBron James got red-hot and started getting well-defended field goals to drop.  If the Bulls can fluster the Cavs on the defensive end, they just may be able to run them off their homecourt.

Official Series Thread: Chicago Bulls-vs-Cleveland Cavaliers

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