Could the Chicago Cubs Make a Splash this Off-Season?

The Chicago Cubs are about to finish up another losing season for the 2nd year in a row. With the Cubs prospects gaining steam in the minors and a lot of them closer to the majors … could we finally see a splash in the off-season in which shows the Cubs mean business? The Cubs are expected to try to acquire and/or sign a big name player this Winter.

The Cubs say they have no money and won’t go after any big name player, but many believe their blowing smoke (me being one). One main target this off-season that the Cubs have number one on their list is Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. He has the potential to be an ace and that’s how the Cubs see him. It’s still unclear how high the posting fee will be and what the Cubs will offer. And we will find that out when the time comes closer and in the off-season. If the Cubs were to somehow win the bid on Tanaka and sign him, that could end the tenure of Jeff Samardzija in a Cubs uniform. If the Cubs were to land Tanaka and trade Samardzija in the off-season, that’s a win-win on many different cases. It wouldn’t be a done deal that Samardzija is traded for sure, but the Cubs won’t have money to sign him to an extension and could be the right time to trade him.

The Cubs will have to pay a lot of money for Tanaka, but if they are serious about contending, it’s the right time to spend money as the team is getting closer to contending. The Cubs did say they won’t pursue Tanaka as they don’t have money, but don’t listen to them! The Cubs will go all out for Tanaka and do their best to acquire his services.

Along with top priorities in the off-season, the Cubs are expected to try and acquire an OF or sign one. The Cubs may try to acquire an OF over signing one since there’s not a ‘game changer’ in free agency. The Cubs have already called the Miami Marlins about OF Giancarlo Stanton, among others. Stanton is obvious a core player and any team would want him to be apart of their future. The Marlins will shop him, but will have to be overblown by an offer to trade him. According to Tom Loxas, the Diamondbacks are believed to be the front runners for Stanton.

The Cubs will obvious have to pay a lot for Stanton and many wonder if the Cubs will do so. If the Cubs want to win, they will have to pay big sometime and the time seems right now. The Cubs will make an offer, but we don’t know if it’ll be good enough. Stanton is a player that makes sense for the Cubs. Soler will likely be one piece going back to Miami, among others. We’ll see how many legs this story has in the off-season.

Another player that could be on the Cubs radar is Carlos Gonzalez. The Colorado Rockies are expected to take offers for Gonzalez in the off-season and the Cubs could call them. Money may become a problem due to Gonzalez’s contract, but it shouldn’t matter and I think the Cubs have a way better chance to land Gonzalez over Stanton. I do expect to hear the Cubs linked to Gonzalez in the off-season.

I thought about an option the Cubs should do or at least try for acquiring either of Stanton or Gonzalez. Try to trade Samardzija to either team as a top player in the trade and see how much the team budges. More likely for Gonzalez, however. If neither team is too keen on taking Samardzija, try to trade Samardzija for prospects that either the Marlins or Rockies would have interest in a trade. If the Cubs do get a player for Samardzija that eitherteam likes, a trade could be more likely to happen. That’s the main reason I do expect Samardzija to be traded one way or another.

The off-season is still a little ways way, but the Cubs could be busy this Winter!

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