Cubs: Day 1, Rumors O’ Rumors

On day 1 of the Winter Meetings, the Cubs made no moves; however rumors/notes was far from none: Here’s the latest from the opening of the Meetings:

*By far the biggest news that broke yesterday was legend Ron Santo received 15 of 16 votes and was elected to the Hall of Fame. He’ll be enshrine on July 22nd and be the class of 2012.

*The Cubs met with Pujols’ agent Dan Lozano yesterday. Nothing came out of the meeting, but Cubs were just trying to see the numbers Pujols is looking for. However, Lozano is Rodrigo Lopez’s agent too and the Cubs have interest in bring him back. The meeting was regarding both Pujols and Lopez. I don’t see the Cubs signing Pujols because the Miami Marlins reportedly went to 10 years on an offer the Pujols.

*The Cubs sat down down with CJ Wilson’s agent yesterday and have gauge interest. The Cubs do have interest in Wilson, but not for the money and years he wants. The Nats may have gone 6 years on him, but GM Mike Rizzo shot that down. So.. who knows. Wilson looks Washington or Los Angeles (Angels) bound.

*The Cubs are expected to meet with Prince Fielder’s agent Scott Boras soon (sounds like it’ll be today) and see what he’s looking for. The Cubs sound that like they will go with more money a year rather than given him more of a lengthy contract. Also, Carlos Pena is expected to be brought up in that meeting too.

*The Marlins talked to the Cubs and asked what the price is for Carlos Zambrano. No word on what the Cubs said, but we may see a Zambrano trade. Especially if the Marlins lose out on pitchers Mark Buehrle and CJ Wilson. Carlos Zambrano spoke yesterday and said he expects to be a Cub come 2012.

*The Cubs are getting a little interest in Alfonso Soriano and it’s by AL clubs. The Cubs will have to eat majorty of the 3 years/54 million left on his contract. We already know that and figure Team Theo will.

*Brain LaHair had lunch with Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer…he was receiving the minor league MVP award. Theo/Hoyer did not say LaHair will be on the big league club in 2012, but said they’ll give him every shot to make the team out of spring training.

*Placido Polanco could be on the Cubs radar if make available by the Phillies. The Phills are pursuing Aramis Ramirez and could make a push and sign him any time now. If that move were to happen, Polanco would then be made available. Since the Cubs need a 3B, they were mentioned. I don’t see it happening because he’s owe 6.25 million, too old and is injury prone.

*The Rockies want either Tyler Colvin or Scott Maine for 3B Ian Stewart. Rather than Blake DeWitt as a report stated. I would do Scott Maine for Ian Stewart, it sounds fair. People are saying wait untill he’s non-tendered, but the Rockies are expected to tender Stewart a contract. So.. the Cubs would have to make a trade for Stewart.

*However, a Stewart trade won’t happen until the Chase Headley situation is over. Either the Cubs trade for Headley or they say the Padres are asking for too much. The Cubs spoke with Josh Byrnes yesterday and the price was too high. The Cubs are hoping his price drops and they are able to acquire him. Headley is still at the top of their list. The Padres want a RP in return and like James Russell. Also, their said to have interest in Carlos Marmol too. So… we’ll see what happens with the Headley situation on day 2. If it’s resolved or not.  

*Edwin Jackson may be on the Cubs radar. The Cubs reportedly like him and already lost out on two pitchers to the Dodgers (Chris Capauno and Aaron Harang).

*Cuban’ Yoenis Cespedes agent said Cespedes is looking for double the money Chapman receive. The contract Cespedes is looking for is close to 60 million. I don’t know where the Cubs stand now, but they do still have interest.

Well that’s the latest from a busy day 1 at the Winter Meetings for Team Theo. So… let’s hope day 2 brings moves, not just rumors!

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